Miljenko Maksimilian Škare

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''Umjetnik čija je životna priča jednako zanimljiva kao i njegova umjernost. Njegov život pun fame, prestiža i strasti u kontrastu s izazovima koje je imao na putu, dali su utjecaj njegovom stvaranju i odrazili se na njegova djela.''


Miljenko Maksimilijan Skare is a Croatian painter, born in Split, and orientated to postmodernism in his artistic work. He has been painting more than 50 years.

Oil on canvas is the technique he exclusively uses. The themes of his arts vary considerably, from landscapes, over characters and figures, all the way to abstract expression. During his life and work, Maksimilijan exhibited his paintings in world's galleries, like Madonna gallery in Chepstow, England. 

He exhibited mostly in Croatia, in Zagreb's Likum and Pula. These exhibitions were followed by television and radio transmissions on the area of former state of Yugoslavia. Maksimilijan is also the founder of an association between painters and writers, called LIK, situated in Pula.

He now lives and works in Split, where he owns an atelier in which all of his paintings are exhibited.


The paintings vary in motif, size and price and can be purchased at lowest price of 150 Eur, to above.

Life of an Artist